The Condemned Man - A History of the RC Skull Designs

As you may have already noticed, we love skulls at Roulette Customs. 

The origin of Skulls and Crossbones go back to the middle ages, to symbolise death or mark tombstones. 

If you look through our range of Skull Jewellery, you will see a running theme in the design of the pieces and shapes of most of our Skulls, that's because the features once belonged to a real person! We were lucky enough to borrow a real human skull from a private collector to have the curiosity piece 3D scanned, and turned into moulds. Pretty deathly huh? 


Our condemned subject was called Sadam Hussain (no, not that one), and apparently it’s pretty rare in the world of skull collecting to know the persons name, let alone the history. He was tried and sentenced to death in 1910 after being tried as a terrorist in the Sudan. Now back then it could have been for anything, definitely not the same as today's "Terrorist" standards. So, the story goes that the day before his execution, he dies anyway, no one is sure how or what of though. His skull then ended up in the British Consulate, and some years later was sold to a private collector. 


So when you wear a piece of Roulette Customs Skull jewellery, you are actually wearing a miniature version of Sadam's head, over 100 years after he died, we do wonder how he would have felt about this when he was still alive... 

"To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."

J.K. Rowling