Hello and Welcome

Hi Simon here aka si_the_jeweller or The Rock & Roll Jeweller. 
Welcome to the new web store, the shop window for my brand Rock and Roll Jewellery as well as that of my friend and esteemed colleague Traci and her brand Jackdaw Silver.
I decided it was about time I simplified the whole process and this new all singing all dancing site was the way forward. Over the next few weeks and months we'll be adding to the pages. You'll be able to marvel at all the beautiful stunning hand crafted jewellery on display and available for sale.
If you've any questions about what you see all you need to do is ask, drop us a line via the "Contact" page and we'll get back to you. If you've got a particular piece in mind you'd like to commission us to make just ask.
Thats its for now, back to the bench, got more to be getting on with, all this stunning jewellery doesn't make itself you know!!