Diamonds and things

A trip to Hatton Garden yesterday included a visit to my gemstone supplier to buy some beautiful black diamonds.

I must admit I fell in love with black diamonds a while ago and my fascination with them has only grown since. I am so looking forward to setting these stones in one of our silver Skull Watch Chain Bracelets, 20 of them adorning the eyes and a further 3 in the T-Bar fastener. It is going to be one spectacular piece of jewellery thats for sure!!!!  click for more images.

All being well this piece will be finished over the next few days. If its one you are interested in drop me a line via the contact page.

Another point to mention is that the new Anatomical Skull Pendant is at our casting company being moulded and I'll have the very first artists proof with me next week. Photos of all these pieces to follow as soon as possible.